Alan van Kleef uses stainless steel as the primary material for the hoops, lugs and shells, he produces drums that are as unique in appearance as they are in sound.

Van Kleef is a musician-turned-builder. His career started in the 90's, drumming live to Drum & Bass DJ's at various events in the UK and Ibiza, then soon after, running his own recording studio in London. From his current Sheffield home workshop (where he's resided since 2010), Van Kleef crafts custom snare drums and full kits from materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium and an vast selection of exotic wood veneer finishes., the sound is so distinctive that VK Drums have become 'must-have' instruments in the arsenals of influential artists including Steve White, Thomas Lang, Matt Chamberlain, Matt Cameron, Dre "Energy" Boyd and many, many more.

“I've always had a passion for designing new and interesting drums, believing that there is always a new sound to be created, from the choice of composition of the solid lugs or the hand-rolled stainless steel hoops, everything plays a part in creating that new sound.”

Van Kleef's creations are designed to have the look and feel of a vintage instrument with the added appeal of metal construction. His patina copper technique involves leaving the copper drum shell exposed to the elements (along with other secret ingredients) for several months, allowing it to corrode before treating it to stop the corrosion. He then finishes it with a clear satin coat.

Many of the Van Kleef models feature a laser cut air hole logo instead of a normal badge. You can have pretty much any custom design cut into the shell, or any design laser etched onto the snare strainer.

Mike Dawson - Modern Drummer Magazine:

“I literally just finished tracking a pretty heavy rock song using your 13" x 7" stainless steel snare drum. All I can say is "wow!" Cuts like a knife! Sounds a lot like the tone on Helmet's album 'In the Meantime', which is one of my all time faves!”

Adam Jones - Rhythm Magazine:

“At VK Drums 'handbuilt' really does mean handbuilt... From his adopted hometown of Sheffield, VK Drums' Alan van Kleef hand builds drums, constructing from scratch just about every component required. Currently the only parts he buys in are heads and snare wires... and he has plans to manufacture wires ”

Van Kleef Custom Drums
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